The Depression Muse Offers:

DeMusers – Depression app

Work your way through the same process I did to creare a fulfilling life for myself while living WITH Depression.

Download the free app for checklists, audio meditations, video tutorials and more to help you work through the ORCHID formula.

If you’d like some individual support to work through the app and receive mental health tarot readings and more check out our premium membership for $47NZ

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Mental Health Tarot Reading

An intuitive, individual, 5 card tarot reading, conducted by zoom, that helps you understand where your mental health is at, right now.

Get a jumpstart on what issues may be coming up for you in the next few weeks and how best you can manage it.

Black Orchid Alchemy

3-month coaching program

You have a choice:

You can spend the rest of your life, feeling , reacting, and exisiting in the exact same way that you are now


You can spend the next three months learning how to manage your Depression and build a fulfilling, happy, life.

This is the complete process I followed to create a fulfillng life while living with Depression. It contains worksheets, advice and inspiration on how to create your own Creature of Fucking Beauty.

What’s a Creature of Fucking Beauty? It’s what you create wth the things your Depression has taught you. It can be art, a piece of writing, a recipe, even a simple day out with your family.

Read about my story with Depression, my process of changing my life, and gain inspiration from others who have created their own CFB. You’ll be surprised at just how many you know.

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