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The full process I followed to create a fulfilling life for myself after a devastating realization.​

Living well WITH Depression makes far more sense than constantly trying to get rid of it.​

Ebook includes worksheets to guide you to creating your own Creature of Fucking Beauty (CFB)



Black Orchid Alchemy

The empowering coaching pogram for high-functioning women with Depression who want to be happy NOW, not when or if, the elusive recovery occurs.

Perfect for women who want to control their own lives, their own illness and their own future.​

Consider this your open doorway to the life you were meant to have before the Depression kicked in.


Inside Black Orchid Alchemy





Seed 1
Daily shadow journal prompts

Seed 2
mental health
tarot reading

Seed 3
Live Zoom Calls

Seed 4
ORCHID Power Hours

Confront your shadows to take the sting out of them.

Shadows are only frightening when we aren’t aware of them or don’t understand them.

Once you confront them, they’re no longer such a big deal and the demon Depression can’t use them against you.

Come away with deeper insight into who you are and what matters to you.

Receive weekly guidance regarding your previous week’s shadow work.

One video recording every week.

Weekly mental health Tarot readings for the Black Orchid Alchemy community will be posted every Monday (NZ time). These are done with a spread that I created specifically for mental health issues.

Come away with insight and clues into where your focus should be in the coming week.

Receive a jumpstart in warding off any unwanted emotions or attitudes.

Fortnightly live calls: Relevant topics and Q&A’s.

Every fortnight we have a live zoom call when we’ll discuss a particular topic related to Depression. A more general Q&A follows this. Recordings of the calls are added to the content library each fortnight.

Come away with new concepts in mental health treatment and new ideas to try for yourself.

Receive answers to specific questions that have about your Depression and creating a Creature of Fucking Beauty.

One hour consultations for individual ORCHID formula advice.

You can follow the process yourself, or you can receive 1:1 guidance to help you work through the ORCHID process. We talk about where you’re at, where you want to be, and how you can get there.

Come away with a clear plan that works for you, and only you.

Receive personalized guidance follow the ORCHID formula to create your fulfilling and happy life, once a month.

Plus Bonuses





Content Library

Members Chat Area

Email access to Fiona

Members Work Area

Learn at your own pace, on your own time.

The Black Orchid Alchemy Content Library contains pdfs, videos, tutorials, and mini-courses for you to use in your own journey.

Worksheets and templates get added every week and you’ll find information on topics related to Depression as well as practical advice on how to create your Creature of Fucking Beauty.

Somewhere to share ideas, successes, and ask questions.

This is a community after all. You can engage with others as much, or as little, as you choose.

Our chat is monitored so you’ve no fear of being harassed in any way, and it is a safe space to share whatever and whenever you feel the need to.

Email access during work hours.

Work hours run on NZ time. Email access to Fiona, the Depression Muse, who is always happy to answer questions and listen to suggestions.

She'll return your messages as soon as I possibly can.

Display your Creature of Fucking Beauty and even sell it if you choose.

We’ve designated a specific page for member’s to display their creations. You can sell your products or services here or just show what you’ve created to inspire others.

This is the place where we celebrate our work and each other’s work.

What you'll gain

  • Excitement about what's coming next in your life, without having to force yourself to care
  • Enjoy the good moments in your life without fear of when it's all going to turn to shit again.
  • Get, or create, your dream job so that you can contribute to your community in a way that’s meaningful to you
  • Have money to do all the things that other people do without guilt, shame or a sense of "I'll pay for this."
  • Be successful in everything you choose to do without having to follow anyone else's treatment plan
  • Find a community, a passion, some fun, and a healthy relationship with yourself so that you can build the life you were always meant to have.
  • Know that friends and family love having you around even if your Depression makes you think that you're a burden
  • Treat your Depression, your way, and in your time (using alternative therapies that appeal to your soul)

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I will not hesitate to recommend this talented lady and what she has to offer people in a straight, fair, and practical manner with her ability to explain in detail her work.

Fiona was so insightful, helpful and very in tune with my situation. I will be a repeat client if this is okay please.

It is a great program. To be able to have tools for the inner self and emotional regulation. I feel lighter in myself and wellbeing.




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