DeMusers App

Can you tell I’m excited?

Our DeMusers app is where you’ll find all sorts of tips and tweaks to help you manage your Depression well and build a fulfilling life for yourself WITH your Depression.

It contains tonnes of information about the ORCHID formula which is the process I followed to create my own fulfilled life and my own Creature of Fucking Beauty.

The app is free and there’s a tonne of information there for you to devour as well as video content, checklists, pdfs, daily journal prompts and a chat to help us build strong community of DeMusers.

hands, together, community-5216585.jpg

We also offer a premium membership which includes an individual mental health tarot reading each eek to help you identify what issues may be coming up for you and how you can best manage theses issues without falling to the bottom of the abyss.

Premium membership also gets you individualized feedback on your journal prompts and your work as you follow the ORCHID process. There may be other goodies as we go on, depending on what requests are made.

You can check out the app here

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