Who would you be if *you* were running your life?

*Not* your Depression.

Hi, I’m Fiona

I help high-functioning women with Depression turn it into a Creature of Fucking Beauty so that they can build a fulfilling life without being a slave to their symptoms or to the medical system.​

I’m on a mission to reduce the global suicide rate to zero. We do this by making Depression a topic of every day conversation.

The Depression Muse Offers:

Tarot Readings
Black Orchid Alchemy

3-card Intuitive Tarot Reading

Depression’s a sneaky bastard: it often creeps up on you without you even realizing.

This 3-card spread gives you insight into where you are now, what issues are helping or hindering your Depression right now and how you can best manage your current situation.

Free & Premium Memberships

This app offers daily journal prompts, mental health tarot readings, guidance, videos, and other trainings.

Learn how to build a fulfilling life for yourself using the ORCHID Formula, the same process I used to create my own fufilled life


3-Month Coaching Program

Learn how to live well WITH Depression rather than being a slave to your symptoms and to a system that just doesn’t get it.​

Find a purpose, reconnect with past passions and rekindle the fires of who you once were.

You know, before the Depression demon found you and took over.

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