Who would you be

If YOU were
running your life?
NOT your Depression.

I'm Fiona.

I help high-functioning women with Depression turn it into a Creature of Fucking Beauty so that they can build a fulfilling life without being a slave to their symptoms or to the medical system.​

I'm on a mission to reduce the global suicide rate to zero.


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The Depression Muse Offers

3-card Intuitive Tarot Reading

Depression's a sneaky bastard: it often creeps up on you without you even realizing.

This 3-card spread gives you insight into where you are now, what issues are helping or hindering your Depression right now and how you can best manage your current situation.

Hybrid DIY/Coaching Course

Learn how to live well WITH Depression rather than being a slave to your symptoms and to a system that just doesn't get it.​

Find a purpose, reconnect with past passions and rekindle the fires of who you once were.

You know, before the Depression demon found you and took over.

Monthly subscription

Shadows are only scary until you bring them into the light.​

Learn how to integrate your shadows to eliminate guilt and shame and to get to know yourself on a much deeper level.​

Take away the Depression demon's amunition so that it can't be used against you. 

1 yr depression program

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Free ebook & Masterclass

Learn the process I followed to use my Depression as a muse and build a fulfillng happy life for myself. Despite having Depression since childhood.

Don't stay stuck where you are. There is much more than Depression waiting for you in your future.

Much, much, more!